Meet The World’s Hottest Mexican Instagram Model

She is a pretty devout Christian, posting quotes from the bible and even the actual bible itself.

She has a tumblr page imlucerorios.tumblr.com where you can ask her anything and get some advice from the beautiful girl!

One person asked her what her favorite Tupac song was and she said ‘ooo that’s hard….I can’t pick.’ A true fan.

Another person her ‘Do you have any advice why some people are afraid of being love?’

Lucero responded to the question about why some people are afraid of love ‘Maybe because their afraid of getting hurt or getting disappointed…maybe their insecure.’

Another person asked her ‘How do you stay positive? Even in your lowest points?’

Lucero replied ‘Jesus Christ loves me always! That alone makes me happy & positive.’


Lucero is quickly on her way to becoming a big name in the Instagram world and before we know it we will probably be seeing her on billboards!

Credits- instagram / imlucerorios



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