22 Dresses Purchased Online That Are Simply A Tragedy

Buying something online is a gamble in itself. When you purchase whatever it may be online, it can end up one of two ways: you either get what you ordered, or you get a lackluster product that doesn’t belong anywhere near you or your belongings, but rather belongs more in the trash. And one of the biggest gambles you can take when you buy something online is buying any type of clothing. We have told you about girls buying prom dresses online and getting some… interesting results, but online clothing can extend to far worse stuff than that.

Check out this gallery of women who shared the tragic items they got in the mail after buying clothes online. Please don’t do this to yourself, readers.

1. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad

I think this is more about the person that’s wearing it and not the piece of clothing itself. But that’s just me.

2. Not as nice as it looked

3. The concept wasn’t that nice to begin with

But the execution is even worse!

4. A skirt on one leg?

Yeah! Great idea!

5. Not as wide as it seemed…

6. Money waisted on this

Get it?

7. There is so much wrong with this photo

I won’t even begin to comment.

8. Not as described!

9. Check out the quality of the laces!

10. It’s not even the same color!

11. Looks the same to me!

(nah it doesn’t really)

12. A bit of a tight fit

13. Doesn’t look as good

The stomach cut is not as big either…

14. Those are some nice leggings!

15. Now this is just creeping me out

Who would wear this?

16. A bit of a tight squeeze

17. Gorgeous…

18. Straight up inappropriate

19. This is probably the absolute worst one

There’s not a single similarity between the photo and the real thing!

20. Can’t really see the pattern…

21. Galaxy clothes are all the rage now

But you certainly wouldn’t be considered cool in one of these…

22. Expectation…

…vs. reality

Please let this be a lesson to never buy a dress online. The chances that you’ll end up like these people are significantly high.



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