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8 Positions to Enhance Sex When He Has a Small Penis

Dear men who have a small penis, I have your back! Many chicas don’t. Some of you see an itty bitty Johnson and don’t give it (or the man attached) a second chance — or glance. I know, I know: you need an anaconda or you don’t want none. Pero, what if you meet the man of your dreams? What if he treats you with respect, loves you, adores you like no other, and wants to build a life with you —only he has a small pene? Are you going to throw it all away?

If you choose to stand by your (small) man, there are ways to have better sex. Here are a few positions that will enhance sex with your short, short man.

1. Sex Small Penis: 1

Doggy Style

No matter what his size, doing it Doggy Style will make him feel large. Blame it on the pressure! When doing it como los perritos, place your head and shoulders on a pillow, and lift your ass in the air. For the full effect, arch your back.

2. Sex Small Penis: 2

The Hound

The Hound is a variation of Doggy Style. Just like before, you’re en cuatro; however, you’re both kneeling on the floor against a bed or couch, or you can lean over and lower your body and forearms as he enters from behind.

3. Sex Small Penis: 3

Reverse Cowgirl

As your guy lies on his back, facing your back, you can werk him and control the movement. Grind on him. Get deep, so you can really feel him inside you. You’ll get tons of clitoral stimulation, and you will feel like a rockstar.

4. Sex Small Penis: 4

The X-Rated

When a guy has a small penis, you need extra-deep penetration. The X-Rated will come in handy. In this position, your man lays on his back. With your back toward him, straddle him, like a reverse cowgirl. Now, lean all the way forward and lay on top of his legs. Your legs should form the letter X. It’s like 69, but his penis is inside your vagina, and not in your mouth.

5. Sex Small Penis; 5

The Nirvana

And I can tell you that, yes, this position is euphoric! In this twist on the Missionary Position, you lay on your back with your man on top — only his legs are spread, and your legs are tightly closed together. Yes, his penis is still inside you! This make your vagina tighter, and it’s also great for clitoral stimulation.

6. Sex Small Penis: 6

The Slide

This position is similar to The Nirvana, only you’re on top with your legs tightly closed together, and he’s lying on his back, Now, slide, slide, slide! Literally. You rub up and down his body until you both can’t take it anymore. It’s great for vaginal and clitoral action.

7. Sex Small Penis: 7

The Splitting Bamboo

Time to get flexible! When doing The Splitting Bamboo, you lie down on your back and put one leg over his shoulder. He will straddle you and sit across your thigh. He’ll have the control, and you’ll get full-on penetration with that leg all the way up.

8. Sex Small Penis; 8

The Eagle

God Bless America! And The Eagle — for allowing your small man to show you what he’s got. Have him sit in front of you on his knees with his legs are spread out while you lie on your back. Your legs are up in the air — so wave them like you just don’t care! Actually, don’t do that. Instead, relax as he does all the work, and teaches you not to doubt a man with a small pene again.



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